• Expecting a refund?

    Generally, if you have an Australian business number (ABN), we can only pay refunds directly into your properly nominated financial institution account, so it's essential that we have your correct account and branch (BSB) numbers. Your nominated account must be at a branch of the institution in Australia. Generally this account must be held by you or you and another taxpayer or your registered agent.

    Contact us on 13 28 66 if you need to change your financial institution account details. You will need to provide proof of identity. This includes either your tax file number, ABN or name and specific identifiers (such as information from a previously generated tax notice).

    If you don't have an ABN, we will pay your refund by cheque.

    We may not issue a refund if you have not lodged a previous activity statement or if you have provided incorrect bank details.

    If you are due a refund, we may apply it to offset any taxation debt (regardless of whether it is due and payable) and/or any other due and payable Australian Government debt that you may have, such as a Child Support Agency debt.

    Last modified: 06 Jul 2016QC 27149