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  • Part C:  Distributions from managed funds



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    Chapter C1:  How to work out your capital gains tax for managed fund distribution

    Examples of managed funds include property trusts, share trusts, equity trusts, growth trusts, imputation trusts, and balanced trusts.

    Distributions from managed funds can include two types of amounts that affect your capital gains tax obligation:

    • capital gains, and
    • non-assessable payments.

    The following steps in chapter C1 show how to record a capital gain distributed from a managed fund. Chapter C2 covers non-assessable amounts, which mostly affect the cost base of units but can create a capital gain.

    Handy hint

    If your managed fund distribution (as advised by the fund) includes a capital gain amount, you show this amount at item 17-Capital gains. You do not show capital gains at item 12-Partnerships and trusts.

    Note: new terms

    We may have used some terms that are not familiar to you. The first time these words are used they are linked to their explanation under the heading Explanation of terms

    Handy hint

    Fund managers may use different terms to describe the calculation methods and other terms used in this guide. For example, they may refer to indexation and other method gains as non-discount gains.

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