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    End of attention

    The tax-deferred and tax-free amounts Ilena received are not included in her income nor her capital gain, but the tax-deferred amount affects the cost base and reduced cost base of her units in XYZ Managed Fund for future income years. The tax free amount affects her reduced cost base.

    Ilena deducted $10 capital losses from her grossed up capital gain before she applied the CGT discount of 50%. In effect, $5 of the tax deferred amount was offset against her capital losses. So she reduces the tax deferred amount by $5 and deducts the remainder ($110) from the cost base and reduced cost base of her units as follows:

    Cost base


    less tax-deferred amount


    New cost base


    Reduced cost base


    less tax deferred amount ($110) + tax free amount ($35)


    New reduced cost base


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