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  • Registration for excise payments

    Download the Registration for excise paymentsThis link will download a file form (NAT 16623, PDF 183 KB)This link will download a file.

    This form can be completed online. If you can't open the form, save it to your computer first and open it from there. Once you have completed the form, follow the instructions at Lodging your form to send it to us through the Business Portal.

    When to use this form

    Complete this form if you are required to make payments of excise duty but do not hold (and are not applying for) an excise licence, periodic settlement permission or movement permission.

    Lodging your form

    If you use the Business Portal to lodge your registration, we can process it faster than if you lodge by post. You can lodge your registration online using the Business Portal. Simply follow these steps:

    1. Fill in the registration form
    2. Save the completed form as a PDF to your system
    3. Log in to the Business Portal
    4. Select the MailExternal Link service
    5. Create a New message
    6. Select Alcohol, fuel and petroleum, tobacco, duty free store from the Excise subject list
    7. Attach the registration form and any additional documents
    8. Select Send.

    You will receive a receipt number once you've lodged your form.

    Tracking progress of your registration

    You can track the progress of your registration form using the Your dealings with the Tax Office function of the Business Portal.

    Service commitments

    Our commitments to service set out the timeframes you can expect when you deal with us.

    More information

    Once you have received approval for your registration, before goods can be delivered to you from a licensed entity you will need to:

    • fill out an excise return
    • pay the excise duty directly to us
    • have received a delivery authority from us.

    If you need help tracking your registration form, see Business Portal HelpExternal Link.

    For help with lodging your registration through the Business Portal, phone us on 13 28 66.

    For information about excise or excise payments, contact us about excise and EEG's.

    Last modified: 22 Jan 2018QC 16920