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  • How to lodge your Reportable tax position schedule

    You may be able to lodge the RTP schedule as part of the tax return using the same SBR-enabled software that you use to complete and lodge your income tax return.

    Alternatively, if your software does not provide the RTP schedule for electronic lodgment you can lodge the RTP schedule through either:

    • the Business Portal or Online services for agents
    • by mail.

    The Business Portal or Online services for agents

    The best way to lodge the RTP schedule is using the Business Portal or Online services for agents as you will receive a receipt number once you lodge.

    When lodging online, the public officer needs to tick the 'I declare that the information on this schedule is true and correct' box instead of signing the declaration and lodge the electronic (rather than scanned) form. through a Business Portal or Online services for agents mail message.

    To lodge the RTP schedule you need to create a new mail message then:

    • select Income Tax as the topic
    • select RTP Schedule lodgment as the subject
    • in enter message details, write 20YY-YY RTP schedule in the message details to confirm the year the RTP schedule relates to and attach the RTP schedule. The maximum size for an attachment to be lodged via the Business Portal is 3.7MB and 6MB via Online services for agents
    • Ensure that the RTP schedule is attached. Send it once you have checked the message
    • will receive a confirmation and a receipt number. Note the receipt number in case there are any issues. The message should also remain in your sent items on the Business Portal or Online services for agents
    Mail your documents
    • You can print and send your completed schedule with any attachments to        
      • Australian Taxation Office
        PO Box 9845

    If the schedule has been printed, do not use correction fluid or tape to make corrections onto your completed schedule. If you make a mistake on the schedule, make your any corrections electronically and then print a new copy.

    Last modified: 23 Jul 2020QC 58955