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  • T5 Tax payable

    Is the amount at T3 Subtotal more than the amount at E Refundable tax offsets?


    Write 0 at T5.

    Take T3 Subtotal away from E Refundable tax offsets.

    Write the result at I Tax offset refunds.



    • Take E Refundable tax offsets away from T3 Subtotal.
    • Write the result at T5.


    T5 is mandatory. If you leave T5 blank, you will have specified a zero amount.

    Example: Calculating T5 Tax payable (refundable tax offsets less than T3)

    SMSF T5 has no excess refundable tax offsets. It writes the following amounts in its SMSF annual return:

    Calculation of T5 Tax payable (refundable offsets less than T3)
    Calculation of T5 Tax payable (refundable offsets less than T3)

    Section D: Income tax calculation statement

    Amount used in calculation

    T3 Subtotal


    E Refundable tax offsets


    T5 Tax payable


    I Tax offset refunds


    SMSF T5 takes the $500 refundable tax offsets away from its T3 Subtotal of $1,500. The amount at T5 Tax payable is $1,000 (that is, $1,500 − $500).

    End of example
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