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  • Super member contributions statement 2007 and earlier years

    About this form

    Instructions and form for super providers and suppliers of super information. Only use this member contributions statement (MCS) to report contributions received before 1 July 2007. (NAT 2710 & NAT 2603)

    This MCS contains all the information required to be reported by a superannuation fund for the financial year for which the report is being given. This information enables us to:

    • calculate the government co-contribution for the member
    • calculate the surcharge liability of the holder of the contributions (the provider for the individual) for years prior to 1 July 2005, and
    • administer superannuation guarantee.

    How to obtain this form

    You can download this form in Portable Document Format (PDF) – download Superannuation member contributions statement (PDF, 3MB)This link will download a file (MCS).

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