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  • Instructions to complete the statement

    The Superannuation guarantee charge statement and calculator tool can assist you to calculate your superannuation guarantee charge. The calculator takes five to ten minutes to complete a calculation for each employee for each quarter, and you can use it to calculate multiple quarters. It will also prepare your statement, which you can print and forward to us.

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    Section A: Statement details

    Question 1
    Type of statement

    Complete by placing an 'X' in the applicable box to indicate whether this is an original or amended statement.

    You should indicate that this statement is an amendment if you have already lodged a super guarantee charge statement for the quarter and now want to:

    • amend the information you reported
    • report a liability for employees you didn't include on the earlier statement.

    Question 2
    Statement is for the quarter ended

    Provide the end date of the quarter you are reporting. You must use a separate statement for each quarter.




    1 July – 30 September


    1 October – 31 December


    1 January – 31 March


    1 April – 30 June

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