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  • Section E: Declaration

    You must complete the declaration that applies to you, either as the employer or as the agent acting on the employer's behalf.

    If you are a tax agent making the declaration, provide your tax agent registration number.

    Provide the details of the person making this declaration.

    If the employer is completing the declaration, it must be signed by one of the following:

    • the senior partner of a partnership
    • the trustee or public officer of a trust estate
    • the public officer of a company
    • the proprietor of a sole trader business.

    This person must also sign the first page of any attachments.


    Mail your cheque or money order together with your statement and payment slip. Do not send cash.

    You must complete the payment slip to show the following details:

    • the quarter ended that the attached statement relates to
    • your full legal name as the employer
    • your TFN (if an exempt business, write 'EXEMPT')
    • your ABN
    • the payment amount.

    Cheques and money orders must be for amounts in Australian dollars and payable to 'Deputy Commissioner of Taxation'.

    Cheques must be crossed 'Not Negotiable' and must not be post-dated.

    Send the completed statement and payment to:

    Australian Taxation Office
    PO Box 3578
    Albury NSW 2640

    Do not use pins, staples, paper clips or adhesive tape.

    Keeping records

    You must keep records for five years after the statement is lodged. Keep information about how you worked out any super guarantee shortfalls or choice liabilities and proof of late contribution amounts. Ensure you also keep a copy of this completed and signed statement.

    Penalties may apply if you don't keep adequate records.

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