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  • Tax Help centre application

    To apply to become a Tax Help centre, complete the online form and email it to us.

    On this page

    Information for applicants

    • You need to answer all questions on the application form.
    • When you have completed the form click the ‘Submit by email’ button.

    How to apply

    To apply to become a Tax Help centre:

    1. Complete the online form – Tax Help centre (PDF, 205KB)This link will download a file
    2. Click 'Submit'      
      • your email program will open a new email with the completed form attached
      • the 'To' and 'Subject' fields will be pre-filled in the email.
    3. Add the centre name to the 'Subject' field without deleting the pre-filled content.
    4. If needed, add an optional brief note to of the email.
    5. Click 'Send' to forward your application to Tax Help.
    6. Tax Help will contact you when your application is received.

    Having trouble opening or sending this form?

    You can still access this form by downloading (saving) the form to your desktop. Once you download the form, you can fill it in and attach it to an email.

    How you download the form to your desktop will vary depending on your internet browser.

    In most cases you can:

    • select the form link to open the form
    • go to the menu in your internet browser and select 'Save as' or Save page as'
    • save a copy of the form to your computer.

    You can then attach the saved copy of the form to an email and send it to

    Tax Help will contact you to discuss the next steps.

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