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  • Completing this form

    Section A: Your Australian super fund details

    Provide the details of the complying Australian super fund that your foreign super entitlement was transferred to, including:

    • the super fund's Australian business number (ABN), which can be found at Super Fund Lookup or on correspondence your fund sends you
    • your account number with the fund - this helps the fund identify you and can be found on the annual statement your fund sends you.

    Section B: Your details

    Provide your name, address and other details to help your super fund identify you.

    If your fund does not have your tax file number (TFN), you will need to provide it to make sure:

    • the fund is able to accept your contributions, including the transfer from your foreign super fund
    • you do not have to pay additional tax on other contributions, such as employer contributions.

    Section C: Your foreign super fund details

    Provide the details of the foreign super fund that transferred the super benefits on your behalf.

    Section D: Transfer and tax choice

    Provide details of the total transferred from your foreign super fund.

    Choose the amount that your Australian super fund will pay tax on (in Australian dollars).


    This amount cannot be more than the earnings or growth in your super entitlement between the date when you became an Australian resident and the date the amount was transferred to your Australian super fund. You must calculate this amount using information provided by your foreign super fund before making this choice.

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    Section E: Declaration

    Read the declaration. If all the information you have provided is correct, print your full name, sign and date the declaration.

    Send the original completed form to your Australian super fund. Keep a copy for your records.


    Do not send this completed form to us. The information on this form is for you and your Australian super fund.

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