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  • 6 Tax withheld



    This information may not apply to the current year. Check the content carefully to ensure it is applicable to your circumstances.

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    Tax withheld where ABN not quoted

    Show at T the total of amounts withheld from income subject to withholding where an ABN was not quoted. This amount equals the sum of the amounts shown in the tax withheld boxes on the Non-individual PAYG payment summary schedule 2010.

    Further Information

    For instructions on completing the schedule, see Non-individual PAYG payment summary schedule.

    End of further information

    Do not include any share of amounts withheld that is a distribution from another trust or partnership where an ABN was not quoted. Show this at C item 8.

    If you show an amount of tax withheld at T item 6 then declare the corresponding gross income at C and DGross payments where ABN not quoted item 5, as appropriate.

    Credit for tax withheld - foreign resident withholding

    Show at U the total amount of tax withheld from payments subject to foreign resident withholding. Do not include any share of foreign resident withholding credits distributed to the trust from other trusts or partnerships.

    If a credit is claimed U for tax withheld under foreign resident withholding, you must show the corresponding gross payments subject to foreign resident withholding at B item 5.

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