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  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT)



    This information may not apply to the current year. Check the content carefully to ensure it is applicable to your circumstances.

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    Direct refund

    It's faster and simpler to have your refund paid directly to your financial institution account. Complete your account details, even if you have provided them previously. If you have changed your Tax Agent or have a new account check that you completed the item with the new details. If you do not complete the question, your refund cheque will be mailed to you.

    Complete the following:

    • Print the bank state branch (BSB) number. This six-digit number identifies the financial institution. Do not include spaces, dashes or hyphens in the number.
    • Print the account number. You cannot use an account number with more than nine characters. Do not include spaces in the account number.
    • Print the account name, as shown on the account records. Do not print the account type - for example savings, cheque or mortgage offset. Include spaces between each word and between initials in the account name. Joint accounts are acceptable. The account name must not exceed 32 characters.

    Direct debit

    The trustee can pay tax owing directly from their account using EFT. A trustee can provide separate account details for direct debit and direct refund.

    To use direct debit

    Trustees can arrange direct debit by using a tax agent who can lodge tax returns through ELS, or by completing a direct debit request form. Allow at least five working days for processing of the direct debit request form. Tax agents can transmit payment details up to three working days before the due date once the direct debit request has been processed. For more information phone 1800 802 308.

    If the trustee used direct debit last year and the account details provided are correct, you do not need to make another request. The notice of assessment will display a message that the tax debt will be debited from the nominated account on the due date.

    If the account details have changed, complete a direct debit request if you want to use direct debit this year.

    A direct debit request remains in force until it is cancelled. Cancellations must be received three business days before the payment date.


    There is no provision for a direct debit election on the tax return. The direct debit request is also available as part of ELS software packages.

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