• Section C: Account holder’s supporting documentation

    Place an ‘X’ in the applicable boxes.

    You must provide certified copies of the relevant documents to support your application.


    Do not send originals and do not use pins or staples.

    End of attention

    All copied pages of original documents must be certified as true and correct copies by a:

    • barrister
    • doctor
    • judge
    • Justice of the Peace
    • minister of religion who is authorised to celebrate marriages
    • police officer
    • bank, building society or credit union officer with at least five years service
    • sheriff’s officer, or
    • solicitor.

    They must sight the original document and the copy and certify that each page is a true copy by writing or stamping ‘certified true copy’, followed by:

    • their signature
    • their printed name
    • their qualification (for example, Justice of the Peace) and relevant reference number
    • the date.
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