Section D: Authorised person’s details

If you are the account holder, you do not need to complete this section.

Only complete this section if you are authorised to act as the legal personal representative of the account holder.

Question 10


Provide details of your authority to make this application on behalf of the account holder – for example, if you have a power of attorney, a probate, a notice of public trustee or you are an estate trustee.

Question 11


Provide your title and full name.

Question 12

Residential address

Provide your residential address.

Question 13

Postal address

Provide your postal address.

If this is the same as your residential address, write ‘as above’.

Question 14

Daytime phone number

Provide your daytime phone number, including the area code (and the country code if you are outside Australia).

Question 15

Date of birth

Provide your date of birth.

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