• Section F: Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

    Question 16

    Direct refund

    It’s faster and simpler to have your refund paid directly to your Australian financial institution account. Complete your account details in Section F of the form, even if you have provided them to us previously. If you have changed your registered tax agent or have a new account check that you have completed the item with the new details.


    If you do not complete this item or do not have an Australian financial institution account, a cheque will be mailed to you.

    End of attention

    Complete the following:

    • Print the bank state branch (BSB) number. This six-digit number identifies the financial institution. Do not include spaces, dashes or hyphens in the number.
    • Print the account number. You cannot use an account number with more than nine characters. Do not include spaces in the account number.
    • Print the account name, as shown on the account records.

    Do not print the account type – for example savings, cheque or mortgage offset. Joint accounts are acceptable.

    The account name must not exceed 32 characters. If your account name exceeds 32 characters, provide the first 32 characters of your account name in the spaces provided. This figure includes spaces between each word and between initials in the account name.

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