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  • Individuals - early advice request

    You can request an early engagement discussion with us to resolve a complex tax query. Individuals can use this form where you have been unable to find an answer online or by phoning us.

    If you are a small business, including a sole trader running a small business, to request advice go to Small business advice.

    On this page

    Issues we can help you with

    You can use this service for complex tax technical interpretation queries you have been unable to resolve online or by phone. For example:

    • advice about new or changed legislation
    • complex tax law issues
    • help with legal interpretation – where a decision is required around our view.

    How you can connect

    If you have a complex tax question, we encourage you to engage with us early (including providing a phone number).

    Download this form in Portable Document Format or submit it online:

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    How to lodge your request

    You can lodge this request by:

    Our service standard is to respond to your request within 28 days after we receive all the necessary information from you.

    You should be aware the internet is not always a secure environment. By selecting submit, this form will be sent to us by email.

    We don’t control the path of inbound or outbound emails so the privacy of personal information sent by email can’t be guaranteed.

    Instead you may wish to print and mail the request to:

    Australian Taxation Office
    PO Box 3000
    PENRITH  NSW  2740

    How we resolve your issue

    Please make sure your contact details are correct. We will phone you to discuss your request and timeframes. We can often resolve your question by phone, but some issues may take longer to resolve, so we will keep you informed of the progress.

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