Priority ruling process for private and class rulings

We have a priority ruling process for applications for private and class rulings that meet certain criteria including being associated with a transaction that:

  • is time sensitive
  • is prospective
  • is of major commercial significance and requires consideration at corporate board level
  • has a tax outcome as a critical element of the transaction
  • involves complex law or facts that need to be analysed.

To have your application accepted into the priority rulings process, you must:

  • notify us as soon as practicable after the transaction is first seriously contemplated
  • agree to provide an application including a full brief with all relevant information
  • identify all issues
  • provide fully argued positions for and against
  • identify timeframes.

You must also:

  • nominate a representative who will be responsible for all interaction with us and meet any information requests quickly
  • provide us with an overview of the proposed transaction, including any high-level tax analysis, at least three days before the pre-lodgement meeting.

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