• Withdrawals – Project Refresh

    The following public rulings may be withdrawn under Project Refresh.

    You are invited to comment on these withdrawals by 1 August 2017. This can be done by email.

    TD 93/237
    Income tax: capital gains: section 160A and subsections 160M(6) and 160M(7) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 were amended by Taxation Laws Amendment Act (No 4) 1992 with effect from 25 June 1992. Will these amendments have an effect on the views expressed in Taxation Determinations TD 2 and TD 3 in respect of debt waivers?

    IT 2254
    Income tax: instalment purchase and depreciation on non-residential buildings

    TD 2001/21
    Income tax: Is salary paid to a French resident employed as an assistant teacher in an Australian school exempt income?

    Withdrawals being progressed

    The following withdrawals have previously been advised and are now being withdrawn under Project Refresh.

    IT 240
    Restoration of flood damaged land – expenditure incurred by primary producers

    IT 2107
    Social Security sickness/invalidity benefits and workers' compensation benefits

    IT 2277
    Income tax: partners seek to provide their service to their partnership through interposed company or trust

    IT 2321
    Income tax: fees paid to part-time members of governmental tribunals, committees, etc – requirement on member to pay fees into partnership account

    IT 2562
    Income tax: foreign tax credit system: interaction of foreign tax credit provisions with capital gains and capital losses provisions of Part IIIA

    TD 93/122
    Income tax: are organisations which are established to promote tourism exempt from income tax under paragraph 23(h) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936?

    TR 93/31
    Income tax: transfer of pensioner rebate between partners

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