• Project Refresh consolidations – completed

    The following consolidated rulings have been completed through Project Refresh.


    The following ruling was published on 26 April 2017: TD 2017/11 Income tax: who should be assessed to interest on bank accounts?

    This ruling was developed to consolidate the following rulings, all of which have been withdrawn:

    • IT 2486 Income tax: children's savings accounts
    • TD 92/106 Income tax: who should be assessed to interest earned on a joint bank account?
    • TD 92/182 Income tax: a taxpayer appoints another person as a joint signatory to operate a bank account in the taxpayer's name, if she becomes ill or is absent from Australia for any length of time. The taxpayer retains sole beneficial entitlement to the money in the bank account. Is the appointee assessable on any of the interest income derived?
    • TD 93/148 Income tax: are monetary gifts received by a child or any interest earned on investing such money treated as 'excepted assessable income'?
    Last modified: 16 May 2017QC 52109