• Future of private advice

    One of the key drivers of the Reinventing the ATO program is to improve our advice services, both public and private. As our public advice products are under review, we are also beginning to reshape our private advice services to better meet expectations across all client groups. By working closely together, these two aligned reviews will significantly improve our whole advice system.

    Looking forward through consultation

    Last year, the Review of Private Advice ensured that all client groups were represented during our external consultation. We encouraged active participation from the broader community to provide input on how we can shape the future of private advice, understand expectations, identify high level issues and seek ideas for improvements. Our discussion paper was the cornerstone of our consultation and it provided valuable feedback.

    Change highlights

    A focus on the client

    Our objective for our reshaped private advice system is to help our clients get things right. We aim to provide easy access to responsive advice tailored to their particular circumstances.

    Our guiding principles

    From a practical perspective, this objective will be supported by a framework of five guiding principles for a client-focussed private advice system:

    • Tailored service - our service offering meets our client’s needs.
    • Practical certainty - we provide practical advice within a user friendly system.
    • Contemporary delivery - our advice services support a contemporary digital experience.
    • Empowering our people - we have a strong client service culture.
    • Continuous improvement - our private advice system learns as it goes.

    Next steps

    We’ve listened to what you have to say on our future private advice system and your feedback will be considered as part of the review of private advice recommendations, which will be released soon. You can view the current feedback in our Review of Private Advice Findings Report and register for updates to keep informed on our Let’s talkExternal Link page.

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