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  • Alcohol excise - supporting information

    To apply for a private ruling or lodge an objection about alcohol excise, you need to:

    • complete and submit the private ruling application or objection form
    • provide the supporting information listed below.

    Providing supporting information to us when you apply for a private ruling or lodge an objection will reduce the time it takes for us to process your request.

    We have information relating to alcohol excise which may answer your queries prior to you submitting your request.

    See also:

    Information you need to provide

    Information you need to provide for a private ruling request or objection about alcohol excise includes:

    • documentation to show how you calculated your liability or entitlement (if applicable)
    • any other documents that support the statements you make in your application
    • details of the activities to which the request relates.

    Product classification

    If the activity relates to product classification, you need to provide details about:

    • the name of the product (if possible)
    • ingredients used in the product, including precise quantities
    • the detailed end-to-end manufacturing process for the product
    • the final alcoholic strength of the product (by volume).

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