• Payments from overseas superannuation funds

    Supporting document requirements for private rulings

    We require the following documents and information to process private rulings about payments from overseas super funds. You must provide this information with your private ruling application form.

    • The date you ceased employment in the overseas country.
    • The date you arrived in Australia.
    • The date you became an Australian resident for tax purposes.
    • The name of the overseas super fund making the payment.
    • Is the overseas super fund an employer-sponsored super fund or a personal super fund?
    • Was the value of the total benefits you held in the overseas super fund, together with other overseas interests such as foreign life assurance policies, over $50,000?
    • The date the payment was made.
    • The amount of the payment (in the overseas country's currency).
    • Did you receive the amount in cash or was it rolled over into an Australian super fund?
    • If the amount was rolled over into an Australian super fund, is it a complying super fund?
    • Do you still have an interest in the overseas super fund?
    • Details of total contributions made by you and your employer into the overseas super fund, specifying contributions made since you became an Australian resident.
    • The transfer value of the benefits in the overseas super fund on the day immediately before you became an Australian resident.
    • If the payment is being rolled over into an Australian super fund, have you made an election in writing with the fund that part of the amount is to be treated as a taxable contribution by the fund? If so, provide a copy of the election.
    • Does the overseas super fund allow for withdrawals? If so, provide a copy of the policy showing the criteria for withdrawals.

    If you have any additional documents that support the statements made in your private ruling request, you can submit copies of them with your application.

      Last modified: 19 May 2013QC 19074