Personal superannuation contributions

Supporting document requirements for private rulings

This page lists the documents and information we usually need to process private rulings about personal superannuation contributions.


When preparing a request for a private ruling on this topic, you may need to provide the information and/or answer the questions listed below. This will help us determine whether you are allowed a deduction for personal super contributions.

End of attention

Send the following documents and information with your private ruling application form.

Personal superannuation contributions

  • The date and amount of the contribution made
  • The amount of the deduction to be claimed
  • Your date of birth
  • Details of your assessable income, exempt income and reportable fringe benefit amounts
  • Was the contribution made in order to obtain super benefits for you or for your dependants in the event of your death?
  • Details of the super fund (including the Australian business number of the super fund concerned) to which the contribution was made
  • Was the super fund or retirement savings account a complying fund?
  • A copy of the written notice you have given to the trustee of the super fund or provider of the retirement savings account, which states your intention to claim a deduction in respect of the contribution you made
  • A copy of the acknowledgment notice issued by the trustee of the super fund or provider of the retirement savings account (Note: You are not allowed a deduction unless you have this acknowledgment.)
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