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  • Redundancy payments – supporting information

    Here's a list of the documents and information we usually need to process a private ruling request or objection about a redundancy payment. If you provide supporting information this will reduce the time it takes us to process your request.

    If you want to apply for a private ruling about the deductions you can claim for a redundancy payment, you need to:

    • complete and submit the relevant private ruling application form (for tax professionals or not for tax professionals)
    • provide the supporting information listed below.

    Note: Check first whether your question is answered on our website.

    See also:

    Supporting information

    Note: If you've previously provided us with any of the information listed below, you don't need to provide it again.

    The information we need for a private ruling about a redundancy payment includes:

    • a description of the circumstances surrounding the termination of your employment and why you believe you have been made redundant
    • the date you commenced this employment
    • the title of the job/position you held and a description of the duties you performed. If they exist, provide a copy of your employment contract or a copy of the job description
    • the date your employment was terminated
    • details of the payments made to you, including
      • who made the payments
      • the dates they were paid
      • the amounts paid
      • a description of the payments made, including if any amount was paid in lieu of superannuation benefits
    • details of the payments you were entitled to receive if you resigned voluntarily
    • the date you would have ordinarily ceased employment under the terms and conditions of your employment
    • details of any connection between you and your employer (for example, are you a director of the employer company or related to a principal of the employer)
    • details of any agreement between you and your employer or between your employer and any other person or entity for future employment existing at the time your employment ceased
    • details of the award or agreement containing the terms and conditions of your employment, if you were not employed under a contract
    • a copy of your notice of termination of employment
    • copies of any payment summaries
    • copies of any other correspondence relating to the termination of your employment or your redundancy payment.

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