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  • Revolutionising our approach to public advice and guidance

    We're making a number of changes to how we produce, communicate and deliver our public advice and guidance. These changes will make it easier for you to find the information you need, when you need it. The changes will also help us provide advice and guidance on the issues that matter most to you.

    Changes include:


    Watch ATO Second Commissioner Andrew Mills' and Deputy Chief Tax Counsel Will Day's interview with Wolters Kluwer Tax Portfolio Lead, Tom O'Sullivan. The interview discusses reforms in our public guidance offering.


    View the full video interview hereExternal Link

    You can also watch David Koch and a panel of experts discuss how we’re revolutionising our approach to public advice and guidance products. In a series of videosExternal Link the panel covers the changes to our public advice and guidance including the new law companion rulings and practical compliance guidelines.

    Communicating and engaging with you about priority issues

    We're reshaping our approach to communicating and engaging with you about upcoming issues and our advice and guidance products. As part of this approach, we'll be asking you about the issues you'd like to see covered by our public advice and guidance products.

    Consulting earlier on technical taxation issues

    Our new approach to public advice and guidance also involves consulting with key stakeholders on tax technical issues before we start writing an advice or guidance product.

    You can now tell us what matters to you most and provide feedback on our new approaches via our public advice and guidance communityExternal Link on Let's Talk, Consultation Hub, or by emailing

    Through our Consultation Hub we'll regularly request feedback on matters like the effectiveness of our advice products, examples you would like to see, and what form you would like to see guidance products take. We encourage you to visit the Consultation Hub website regularly to see what we are consulting on, and how you can get involved.

    Our public advice and guidance communityExternal Link on Let's Talk is another way we're engaging with the community to understand issues that are important to you and to help us better understand our advice and guidance solutions. By providing your feedback and suggestions we can deliver public advice and guidance to meet your needs.

    New advice and guidance products

    We heard your calls for greater certainty in our products, and more guidance delivered when you need it. We've responded with two new products:

    These are a new type of public ruling. They are developed at the same time as new legislation, to give you certainty about the Commissioner of Taxation's view of the law at the earliest possible stage.

    These go beyond our usual interpretations of the tax law to provide useful insights into practical implications, and our administrative approaches.

    See also:

    Adopting a 'layered approach' to presenting advice on our website

    We want to make it easier for you to find the information you need on our website and legal database. Through ATO BetaExternal Link we are trialling new ways for you to navigate intuitively from simple explanations, to examples or detailed reasoning, binding rulings, and the relevant legislation underpinning it all. The layered approach will provide a more seamless delivery of our advice to help you understand your rights and obligations.

    As part of this layered approach, we are making it easier for you to confirm the currency of our content and see how the content has changed over time. 'Content history' drop down menus are being added as a way of managing version control on our website, detailing when changes have been made and whether they were minor, major, or legislative in nature. We are also working towards providing access to prior versions of content that has been updated due to legislative change.

    Find out about:

    Reviewing and updating older advice products

    More than 2,000 public advice and guidance products are presently under review for their currency and ongoing relevance. Over time, we will review and revise many of these, concentrating on the most-used products. We will also remove products that are no longer necessary.

    If there's a product that you think needs reviewing, please let us know at


    Want to get in touch with us about our web content and public rulings, or find out more about what we are doing to revolutionise our public advice and guidance? Email us at

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