• Foreword

    This manuscript is a breath of fresh air in public government publications that follows a similar trend that analysts have experienced with some Australian Bureau of Statistics publications in recent years. It is a frank 'open' review of a subject that in the past has suffered from qualifying shallow research. The researchers have taken a qualitative approach by researching the wider Aboriginal community.

    No longer are we suffering the opinionated comments of 'what' some Aboriginal people think or the high brow view of non-Indigenous academics. The researchers have contacted, interviewed and reported on facts. They have sought out not only Aboriginal academics who research in this area; more importantly, they have also spoken to Indigenous Australian entrepreneurs, discovering both their plight and positive stories.

    The model of successful Indigenous small business owners will be used for many years as a template in research on Indigenous small business and entrepreneurship. It is simple to understand and is possibly the first model to illustrate the journey of Indigenous success in layman's terms that will be used by the policy maker, the researcher and the practitioner.

    This publication is a must read for anyone interested or involved in Indigenous micro enterprise, or the economic revival of Indigenous Australia through their entry into small business.

    Professor Dennis Foley
    Institute of Social Well-being
    University of Newcastle, Australia

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