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  • Building confidence

    Assuring the integrity of our tax and super systems

    Our Australian way of life is only possible because we have robust tax and super systems. In fairness to you and to maintain the good health of our tax and super systems it's important that everyone pays their share of tax.

    Why we pay tax

    Your taxes directly benefit the Australian community. The money that you pay in tax is used to help all Australians. For example, in 2015–16 tax collected was used to fund health care, provide education, social security and welfare payments, the defence force and other Government-funded services. The money raised from taxes is also used to build and maintain infrastructure such as roads and public facilities.

    All of the money we collect from goods and services taxes (GST) is distributed to each state or territory government to fund services and facilities for the state or territory.

    Where taxpayers’ money is spent (2015–16) – Source: Budget 2015–16External Link 

    Breakdown of the Budget 2015-16 and where taxpayers' money is being spent: $154.0 billion went to Social security and welfare, $69.4 billion went to Health, $31.9 billion went to Education, $26.3 billion went to Defence, $22.2 billion went to General public services, $85.7 billion went to Other purposes, and $45.0 billion went to all other functions.

    Our mission

    We contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of Australians by fostering willing participation in our tax and super systems.

    We are changing the way we work to deliver the best possible experience with the tax and super systems for our clients, our staff and our partners. We do this by:

    • making it easy for people to participate by minimising red tape, as well as making information easier to find and understand to help you get things right
    • providing contemporary and tailored service by keeping pace with technology and working with other government agencies for a simplified and improved experience
    • building client relationships by giving the right advice at the right time, and letting you know quickly when we notice something isn't right and helping you resolve it
    • fostering community confidence in the integrity of the tax and super systems by addressing non-compliance to ensure fairness.

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