• Key events for Australian shareholders 2008-09


    This document contains summaries and links to documents about events affecting listed investments (shares and units) where a significant number of investors are involved. In some cases, a summary of the facts and the tax consequences for Australian resident investors is supplied. Where available, other sources of information are listed.

    Key events 2008-09

    View shareholder information on demergers.

    Australian Health Management Group Pty Limited (AHM) demutualisation payments 
    Information about how tax applies to payments you received under the demutualisation of AHM.

    Investment in the Wattle Group - tax treatment for 2008-09
    This information is for individual investors who account for interest income on a cash basis and who lent money to Geoffrey Robert Dexter, trading as The Wattle Group.

    How tax applies to Manchester Unity demutualisation payments
    For members of Manchester Unity who received cash payments due to their demutualisation on 24 December 2008.

    St George Westpac merger - fact sheet 
    This fact sheet outlines some of the tax consequences as a result of the bank merger of St George and Westpac.

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