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  • Cost base

    In working out capital gains or losses, the 'cost base' of a particular CGT asset is worked out by adding the total purchase price of the asset with other costs of buying, selling or owning it, such as brokerage or agent's fees, legal fees, stamp duty and investment advisers' fees (but not investment seminar costs).

    In this case the purchase price is taken to be the member’s total contributions (‘A’) as described in court’s direction 1(d)(i) in the judgment made on 19 November 2012. This amount excludes capital gains and other entitlements that were reported but not paid. However, it includes other invested monies not relating to a specific project that were paid into the schemes, such as the ‘Project Reserve Bonds’, the ‘War Chest’, the ‘LGH Development JVs’ and ’LGH Joint Ventures’.

    If your investment includes an investment in YVG Direct, and you claimed deductions relating to that investment, your cost base is reduced by the amount of those deductions, but not below zero.

    Your cost base is reduced by the amount of your interim distribution, but not below zero.

      Last modified: 12 Jun 2013QC 35067