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  • Worksheets

    We have produced two worksheets to help taxpayers who participated in the restructure prepare their income tax return and update their capital gains tax (CGT) records:

    Use the 'choosing rollover' worksheet to work out the consequences for shares you made a capital gain   on and are choosing scrip-for-scrip rollover. (To be eligible for rollover relief, these shares must be post-CGT shares, that is, obtained on or after 20 September 1985.) Use the 'not choosing rollover' worksheet for your other shares.


    Pre-CGT shares are not eligible for scrip-for-scrip rollover relief.

    End of attention

    You may have to use both worksheets, for example, if you have made a capital gain on some of your shares and a capital loss on others.

    Most people can use these worksheets but there are some qualifications. See Can you use these worksheets? to check if they are suitable for you.

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