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  • CGT events affecting shares and units

    You may have to pay tax on any capital gain you make on shares or units when a capital gains tax (CGT) event happens, such as when you sell them.

    A CGT event can happen to shares even if a change in their ownership is involuntary. For example, if a company in which you hold shares is taken over by or merges with another company. This may result in a capital gain or loss for you.

    A CGT event may also occur where you:

    • redeem units in a managed fund by switching them from one fund to another
    • receive a distribution (other than a dividend) from a unit trust or managed fund
    • receive non-assessable payments from a company
    • own shares in a company that has been placed in liquidation or administration and the liquidator or administrator has declared the shares (or other financial instruments) worthless.

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