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  • ATO consultation arrangements report

    This report describes ATO consultation activities to 31 May 2018.

    This report is prepared monthly and shared with our stewardship groups and registered stakeholders.

    It contains:

    Stewardship group news

    The GST Stewardship Group met in May 2018 and the following major topics were discussed:

    • Major measures announced in the Federal Budget 2018-19, with a focus on the indirect tax measure regarding the levelling of the playing field for online hotel bookings
    • Progress of the GST at Settlement measure, including registrations and various education and awareness events recently held
    • Low value imported goods measure, including information about registrations, various international outreach events and other information products published on
    • GST 2024 Product Vision – high level themes (eg emerging technology; law and policy; capability, people and systems; and GST/VAT global shifts) that are being considered to help improve the client experience
    • Consultation on draft web guidance on GST governance and record keeping for financial suppliers in relation to the priority issues in our GST Financial Services and Insurance (FSI) strategy

    The Small Business Stewardship Group met in May 2018. Topics discussed at the meeting included:

    • Progress of Single Touch Payroll readiness for the mandatory 1 July 2018 reporting change for employers with 20 or more employees
    • Proposed expansion of STP to all employers from 1 July 2019, with members advised that consultation to consider the impacts of STP on micro employers has commenced
    • Outcomes of the first meeting of the Small Business Technical Working Group in April
    • Budget announcements relevant to small business
    • The tax gap program
    • Superannuation Guarantee amnesty announcement by the government on 24 May 2018
    • Digital identity program
    • Penalty relief initiative

    The Tax Practitioner Stewardship Group met in May 2018 to discuss the tax and superannuation components of the 2018 Federal Budget.

    Members were provided with an overview of changes and the impacts of budget measures, and discussed the administrative and practical implementation of both the short and long term measures announced.

    The Superannuation Industry Stewardship Group met on 22 May 2018 and discussed:

    • Changes to superannuation announced in the Federal Budget 2018-19, including a detailed discussion on the developments in insurance in superannuation, and the Parliamentary Joint Committee report and Insurance in Superannuation Code of Practice
    • ATO work to improve Superannuation Guarantee compliance and the transition of the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House
    • Digital identity changes being made across Whole of Government and how they will impact superannuation..

    Other news

    Members of the Tax Practitioner Stewardship Group and BAS Agent Association Group were invited to a workshop on 25 May 2018 to discuss the system design issues and enhancements identified through feedback received during the recent transition of the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House to ATO Online services.

    The workshop was an opportunity to confirm the design issues agents encountered with the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House and inform the scope and priority of remediation to be undertaken by the ATO.

    Other groups

    The Consultation Steering Group met on 14 May 2018 and discussed:

    • Consultations by Treasury - OECD Hybrid mismatch rules, Taxation of Financial Arrangements reform (hedging), and Deductible Gift Recipient regime reforms
    • Measures announced in the Federal budget 2018-19 including transition to a black economy implementation team, taxable payments reporting system, proposed ABN reforms, and Division 7A and unpaid present entitlements
    • Board of Taxation anticipated release the report on the review of income tax residency, consultation undertaken for the review of small business concessions, and alignment of tax and accounting standards
    • Specific consultations including Single Touch Payroll, and safe harbours - Fringe Benefits Tax and remuneration
    • Current and future consultation evaluation process.

    The Tax Profession Future State Group met on 7 May 2018 and discussed:

    • the Inspector-General of Taxation’s Review into the future of the tax professionExternal Link
    • the future experience for individuals and the role of tax professionals
    • the future experience for privately owned groups and high-wealth individuals
    • the future digital environment and the ATO’s approach for emerging technologies.

    The Professional Services Reference Group met on 31 May 2018. Members received an update on the progress of four projects underway to address debt irritants, with an opportunity to comment and question project members.

    Key actions being progressed include:

    • debt process infographic - close to finalisation and publishing
    • key debt messages - messages agreed for dissemination into the community
    • debt correspondence review
    • ensuring consistency of processes and treatment across ATO debt business areas, including staff awareness and planned training activities
    • the development of a series of tax professional information tools and products focusing on debt.

    Members also provided input into the ATO’s 2024 vision and goals for the intermediary experience..

    New matters for consultation

    [201813] Draft guidance on GST governance and record keeping for financial suppliers (Completed)
    Purpose: To provide greater certainty on how taxpayers can meet ATO expectations of governance and record keeping in relation to priority financial supplies issues for GST.

    [201814] New broad class of Recipient created tax invoice (RCTI)
    Purpose: To assist in developing the scope of a proposal to allow more small and medium businesses to issue recipient created tax invoices (RCTIs).

    Matters in progress

    Consultation is in progress for 14 matters – for more details see Matters under consultation.

    Completed consultation

    [201813] Draft guidance on GST governance and record keeping for financial suppliers

    [201811] Electronic sales suppression tool ban

    [201810] Goods and Services Tax: Foreign Currency (Customs Value of Low Value Goods) Determination 2018

    [201809] Remaking legislative instrument - Goods and Services Tax: Foreign Currency Conversion Determination (No. 1) 2017

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