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    ATO consultation framework

    The ATO consultation framework comprises:

    Matters for consultation we discuss at stewardship groups or special purpose groups are captured and forwarded to the ATO Consultation Hub.

    ATO Consultation Hub

    The hub coordinates all consultation between the ATO and the community, enhancing our decision-making and increasing transparency of the process through a broader and more informed understanding of community views. Where consultation is required, the hub is responsible for ensuring we:

    • are clear about the reason and intent of the consultation
    • identify the right people to consult
    • advise on the best method of conducting the consultation
    • undertake the process in a timely way.

    The hub enables us to:

    • capture matters raised by the community for consultation
    • develop a systemic view of consultation and understand the benefits and opportunities it provides
    • deliver more effective consultation engagements through a system-wide perspective, greater efficiency and the use of best-practice methods when we engage with the community
    • harness the wide variety of expertise and willingness in the community to make the tax and superannuation systems better for all Australians.

    Other types of consultation

    We use a variety of formats to ensure that our consultation model remains dynamic and flexible, and that, whatever format we use – such as working parties or online forums – it will always be ‘fit for purpose’.

    The Commissioner has asked his senior leaders to seek opportunities to consult with community and industry leaders and the tax profession about their issues.

    Consultation process

    If a matter requires consultation we will:

    • identify the right people to consult – industry or professional associations, experts
    • publish the topic in Matters under consultation
    • decide how the consultation will be conducted
    • undertake the consultation
    • communicate the outcome of the consultation to all interested parties
    • act on the outcome
    • update Matters under consultation once the consultation is completed.

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