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    Superannuation system consultation

    The ATO's consultation framework includes arrangements and a process specifically for raising superannuation issues.

    Find out about:

    Superannuation consultation arrangements

    Consultation framework

    Roles of consultative bodies

    Superannuation Industry Stewardship Group (SISG)

    The SISG is our peak Superannuation forum. The SISG:

    • addresses strategic issues that are considered to be in the national interest
    • provides opportunities to discuss the strategic direction of the superannuation system – specifically, opportunities to improve the administration of the superannuation systems
    • provides input and progresses ideas to support a whole-of-government approach.

    Frequency – three times a year

    Superannuation Industry Relationship Network (SIRN)

    • Undertakes more targeted consultation work commissioned by the SISG.
    • Discusses and resolves technical issues.
    • Reports to SISG.

    Frequency – as needed

    SuperStream Committees

    SuperStream Reference Group (SSRG)

    • Addresses strategic issues relating to implementation of SuperStream.
    • Oversees SuperStream standards implementation and readiness.
    • Provides advice on the structure and arrangements for SuperStream gateway governance.

    Frequency – monthly

    Gateway Operators Group (GOG)

    • Considers operational matters specific to the SuperStream Gateway Network and monitors the health of the network.
    • Operates under the oversight of the SSRG, provides advice, and escalates issues when required.
    • Develops guidelines, policy and inter-operation rules.
    • Outcomes are reported to SSRG.

    Frequency – fortnightly

    SuperStream Technical Committee (SSTC)

    • Provides advice on matters of technical and architectural significance in relation to the SuperStream standard.
    • Operates under the oversight of the SSRG, provides advice, and escalates issues where required.
    • Outcomes are reported to SSRG.

    Frequency – monthly

    Business Engagement Forum (BEF)

    • A forum for SuperStream stakeholders to be updated and given the opportunity to work through operational and change issues.
    • Informs stakeholders about SuperStream implementation, how the system is operating, any top level high priority issues that need to be dealt with and things that might be on the horizon.
    • Outcomes are reported to SSRG.

    Frequency – as required

    Other ATO committees with superannuation representation

    Superannuation Administration Stakeholders Group

    • Identifies, discusses and resolves issues with significant administration impacts.
    • Maintains the relationship between us, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), fund administrators and industry stakeholders to ensure the effective operation of the superannuation system.
    • Membership consists of administrator entities and those who manage the reporting obligations of large funds.

    Frequency – quarterly

    SMSF Auditor Professional Association Stakeholder Group

    • The group works together to help improve the SMSF auditor industry and the regulation of it by the ATO and ASIC.
    • Provides input into the ongoing development of ATO risk strategies for SMSF Auditors Membership from a cross-section of the tax- and super-related software industry.

    Frequency – twice yearly

    Process to raise superannuation issues in the ATO

    Superannuation issues fall into two broad categories:

    • Super industry issues: These are policy issues where our interpretive or administrative approach provides an unintended outcome or has potential for a wide range of consequences across a segment of the superannuation industry. These issues should be directed to
    • Interpretive issues: These are issues specific to an individual or group of taxpayers or clients – for example, advice on the application of the law to specific circumstances. These issues should be directed to

    The internet is not a secure environment

    We do not control the path of inbound and outbound emails, so the privacy of personal information sent by email cannot be guaranteed. You should be aware of this risk if you choose email to communicate with us, particularly if those communications include your personal details.

    This flow-chart graphically shows the progression of super industry issues and interpretive issues to either a publishing outcome on or action through other means. Full details of this process are outlined below.

    Depending on the type of issue, it will be actioned by either:

    • ATO Super Interpretive Advice segment    
      • which will provide advice direct to client
      • publish the outcome on (if appropriate to a wider audience)
    • ATO Super segment      
      • which will provide a written response
      • determine if consultation is required (SIRN)
      • consult through SIRN
      • publish the outcome on
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