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  • APRA Fund Communications Reference Group

    The APRA Fund Communications Reference Group was established to co-design improvements to the way the ATO communicates, engages and collaborates with the APRA fund community.

    This short-term group will act as a sounding board to:

    • identify, consider and address irritants and co-design improvements to how the superannuation industry and the ATO communicate, engage and collaborate
    • validate current strategies to confirm their value and assess if they should become, or continue to be, part of our way of operating
    • prioritise changes and opportunities into:
      • grass roots – 'quick win' low touch improvements
      • tactical – medium-term low touch improvements which may require small technology changes
      • transformation – strategic and aspirational improvements which may require investment from us and industry.

    Through this group, we will identify principles that can be applied to future communication and engagement activities with the APRA regulated fund audience to ensure information is received and consumed in the best possible way.

    Finding are reported through the Superannuation Administration Stakeholder Group.

    The ATO consultation protocol underpins the ATO’s consultation framework arrangements.


    The secretariat of the APRA Fund Communications Reference Group can be contacted by email at




    AIST - Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees

    Richard Webb

    AIST - Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees

    David Haynes


    Kelly Kerr


    Danielle Nichol


    Tina Cifelli


    Leah Porteus


    Natasha Cox


    Hans Van Daatselaar

    Australian Executor Trustees
    Part of the IOOF group

    Julie Steed

    Australian Super

    David Keating

    BT Financial Group

    Martin Mikulicin

    Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC)

    Bronwyn Aitken


    Andrea Cooper

    Link Group

    Mel Birks


    Narelle Telfer

    Telstra Super

    Sarah Goodwin

    Telstra Super

    Susan Stephenson


    Graham Whyte

    Gill Reeves

    Shaun Ferabend

    Kylie Smith

    Key messages

    You can access Key messages from meetings held in the past three years.

    For prior minutes or key messages, email and specify what you require.

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