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  • Professional Services Reference Group

    The Professional Services Reference Group focuses on understanding issues directly affecting Tax and BAS agents and developing practical solutions.

    The ATO and tax practitioner representatives work together to:

    • leverage the skills and knowledge of operating practitioners to understand the irritants affecting on day to day operations
    • design and develop practical solutions and refinements to ATO business processes to better support the tax profession
    • communicate to the tax profession what the group has achieved and what is currently in progress.

    The ATO consultation protocol underpins our consultation framework arrangements.


    The secretariat of the Professional Services Reference Group can be contacted by email at


    The group consists of representatives from the ATO, tax practitioners and community stakeholders. Membership will vary depending on the topics of focus at the time. Other stakeholders will be invited to participate in meetings on occasion to discuss specific matters as required.

    The consultation will be led by Assistant Commissioners from the ATO’s Client Engagement Group.

    Key messages

    You can access Key messages from meetings held in the past three years.

    For prior minutes or key messages, email and specify what you require.

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