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  • GST Stewardship group membership expression of interest

    Criteria for GST Stewardship Group membership and how to nominate.

    On this page

    Key dates and actions

    Submit expressions of interest by Friday 30 June 2023.

    Notification of outcome is anticipated by August 2023.

    Attend meeting in November 2023.

    Contact officer Kim Dimmick, phone 07 3213 5439.

    About the GST Stewardship Group

    We are seeking members to join our GST Stewardship Group who can:

    • act as GST stewards and take a whole-of-system view
    • identify opportunities to improve the GST system, making it easier to get things right and hard not to
    • contribute to discussions, providing industry and community insights into issues impacting GST compliance and the client experience
    • be an effective two-way conduit for sharing information between us and your networks, including communicating our meeting’s outcomes with them.

    The GST Stewardship Group is one of 9 Stewardship groups that the ATO operates, providing members an opportunity for strategic discussion to develop and improve the administration and operation of the taxation, superannuation, and registry systems into the future.

    The group has a focus on:

    • identifying opportunities to improve the taxation and superannuation systems, specifically the operation and administration of the GST system, to make it easy to get things right and hard not to
    • gaining insights into issues faced by taxpayers operating in the GST system to improve future approaches and processes
    • communicating key ATO messages to the broader GST community.

    About membership

    Membership composition

    We will consider the role of our group and the different mix of skills, experience and perspectives when selecting members for the group.

    Members need to reflect the broader community with which we seek to consult, comprising representatives from different sectors, industries, businesses, and professional associations.

    The final decision on membership is at the discretion of our ATO co-chair.

    Member expectations

    As a member of our group, you will occupy a position of trust and need to uphold our group’s charter, abiding by the ATO consultation framework, acting with integrity, including completing an integrity declaration.

    You will need to:

    • ensure your current roles, relationships and interests do not conflict with being a member
    • disclose any matters that could be perceived to be, or are, conflicts of interest
    • meet legislative requirements regarding your personal tax and GST obligations
    • maintain confidentiality of information provided as required.

    Member commitments

    Members are appointed for 2 years.

    As a member you will need to commit to attending 3 formal meetings per year, either face-to-face in ATO offices or online, to pre-reading and to participating in strategic discussion to actively contribute to our group’s work by:

    • providing input into GST matters affecting your sector, industry, or professional association
    • identifying emerging issues impacting the ability to meet GST obligations
    • identifying opportunities to improve the administration of GST systems
    • providing your association, profession, or organisation’s views (if you represent them).

    Additional meetings may be conducted outside formal meeting times, but attendance is not compulsory and is subject to your availability.


    You will need to meet your own costs as we cannot reimburse you if you are, or represent, a professional or business association member.

    We can reimburse your costs if you are a small business owner member consistent with the ATO guidelines and as agreed with the ATO co-chair.

    How to apply

    Submit your CV (2–3 pages maximum) and a brief statement (500 words maximum) addressing the key criteria to link opens in a new window and include 'EOI GST Stewardship Group Membership' in the subject line.


    You need to meet the following criteria:

    • experience in the GST system within your industry, association, or business sector
    • capacity to consult with, advocate on behalf of, and share information with your networks
    • ability to provide feedback and insights to deliver professional, contemporary, and tailored services
    • commitment to attend meetings, including attending our first meeting in November 2023
    • be independent from government interests.

    If you are an association seeking membership you need to address key criteria on behalf of your association’s nominated representative.

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