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  • 29 August 2018

    Agenda item: 1 and 2 – Welcome and Achievements of the Group

    A ‘wrap up’ document was shared with the Group highlighting the initiatives that have been delivered and those that are in train. The document also outlined the learnings and insights gained from these industry conversations.

    The wrap-up document highlights the significant improvement and changes to ATO engagement levels with industry.

    Graham noted the Group was a great example of co-operation and what can be achieved when we work together to achieve a common outcome

    Action item


    Due date

    As initiatives are implemented



    ATO to email Group members when remaining deliverables and action items are implemented

    Agenda item: 3 – Measuring effectiveness of communication and engagement

    Discussion topic 1 - Measuring effectiveness of communication and engagement

    The Group noted that the list of initiatives delivered and in train demonstrates the effectiveness and success of the Group. Some of the feedback by members was:

    • The very fact the ATO convened this Reference Group highlights the significant improvement and changes to the ATO’s engagement levels and approach with industry.
    • One of the biggest successes of the Reference Group was the “whole of ATO” approach to this process ie bringing the appropriate ATO experts/areas to each meeting.
    • This has been a really positive experience and highlights the ATO’s willingness to listen to industry.
    • We have achieved a lot through this group and it is important to keep these conversations going

    The Group discussed ideas for how we might measure or assess the overall effectiveness of the Group and the various initiatives that will be delivered. Suggestions we received included:

    • Measuring website traffic – how many times people have clicked/opened particular links, alerts or articles we have issued.
    • Measuring via website surveys and developing a feedback form on at the pages where feedback is sought.
    • Record the amount of clicks on the ‘definitions’ and ‘consultation’ pages as visits to these pages would be a result of work of the group and improvements to these pages.
    • Feedback from industry representatives participating in our consultation and engagement processes

    Action item


    Due date

    End 2018



    The ATO will look at including a website interaction question in the Client Experience Survey

    Agenda item: 4 – Next Steps

    Discussion topic 2 – How to embed these conversations as business as usual?

    The Group noted the value in continuing these conversations around communication and engagement improvement opportunities. It was agreed there would be benefit in continuing these conversations via an existing industry engagement process.

    The SASG was identified as an appropriate forum for these discussions to continue. However, the Group noted that whilst the SASG was a suitable forum for regular and ongoing communications related discussions, the Communications Reference Group included communications specialists who were not members of the SASG but who brought valuable insights to the discussions.

    The ATO suggested this Group could be reconvened on an adhoc/as needed basis, with regular discussions also included at the quarterly SASG meetings

    Action item


    Due date




    ATO to determine the best way to keep the conversation going about identifying and co-designing improvements to the way the ATO communicates, engages and collaborates with the APRA fund community


    This was discussed at the SASG and internally within the ATO. The following approach is proposed:

    • Set aside some time at each quarterly SASG to work through a rolling cycle of topics that were considered by the Reference Group
    • Relay the insights from these conversations to Reference Group members, as well as providing updates when remaining deliverable and action items are implemented
    • Reconvene the Reference Group on an ad hoc, as needed basis.


    Agenda item: 5 – Items for consideration

    Future communication / engagement channels

    The Marketing and Communications team are working on a project looking at current channels for the APRA fund group, in particular if they’re the right mix. They’re working with ATO Beta (research and design) team to understand:

    • Who is the audience and what are their roles
    • What their current interactions are, what is working well and what can be improved.

    ATO Beta team are currently preparing an audience discovery strategy, and will work with this Group to undertake a needs analysis of the APRA fund community as part of future web review.

    The Group can be as open and broad as possible when looking at these topics and what the future state might look like.

    Discussion topic 3 – Topics for potential future webinar program

    The Group identified a MATS refresher and upcoming legislative changes (once passed) as potential future topics for webinars. It was noted:

    • In relation to the MATS refresher: it would be good to run at the end of this year and should include lessons learned from MAAS implementation.
    • These webinars would be of general interest to everyone in funds and complementary to existing channels.

    Discussion topic 4 – Revised draft guiding principles to apply to co-design

    The Group agreed:

    • The principles were sensible and logical
    • First principle (member outcomes at the centre) was the most important.

    Due to the number of principles, the Group suggested pulling out:

    • Overarching principles
    • Reshaping the principles into sub-sets with an internal focus

    Decisions Reached

    Revised draft Guiding principles to apply to co-design to be reshaped by identifying overarching principles, and included in the minutes from this meeting.

    The Group noted that Principles 1, 3, 9 & 10 were the most important

    Action item


    Due date




    ATO to reshape the Guiding principles to apply to co-design for inclusion in the minutes from this meeting


    The Guiding principles to apply to co-design have been revised as follows:

    • Design and test the change with member outcomes at the centre.    
      • Design with the right people to understand the diverse perspectives about the change.
      • Engage early and often to promote discussion and feedback. Communicate the design broadly and iterate regularly to refine the design.
    • Collectively understand the intent and the outcomes being sought, and any design constraints.    
      • Don’t over-engineer the design – keep it simple and as efficient as possible.
      • Separate implementation issues from design process.
      • Ensure design accommodates regularly occurring events (such as successor fund transfers, change of administrators and system platform changes).
    • Tell us once – collect data and share across the agencies and take a whole of Government approach where it is cost effective to do so.    
      • Design the whole change, look to lever existing processes and message patterns (such as SuperStream) and integrate the design with other changes (to reduce the need for additional unique builds).
    • Future-proof the design to allow a flexible framework that can absorb future government policy requirements to reduce the cost of build.    
      • Design for the best outcome, not for legacy systems, put existing system designs aside.
      • Focus on delivering electronic solutions - digital by default where possible.
    • Periodically re-assess these principles to ensure fit for purpose.


    Refreshed Services and Support page

    It was noted as being live, and any feedback can be provided via the Feedback option at the bottom of the page.

    Agenda item: 6 – Any other business or items

    The ATO will look to be involved in the Simplicity in Super initiative aimed at improving the average person’s understanding of superannuation. The Group agreed that this initiative was needed, and it was a good collaborative opportunity for funds and the ATO. They also suggested the role of the ATO, ASIC, APRA in relation to super will need to be considered, and existing guidance such as MoneySmart

    Agenda item: 7 – thank you and close

    Graham thanked the Group for their commitment and investment of time. The Group had been very successful because:

    • Changes were made quickly during the course of the consultation
    • It had been an excellent opportunity to get other areas of the ATO involved including IT, Marketing and Communication and Online Experience.

    This was the final meeting of the group.

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