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  • Activity Statement Financial Processing working group key messages September 2019

    The Activity Statement Financial Processing (ASFP) working group resumed meeting fortnightly to discuss elements of the project that will impact on the client and tax practitioner experience.

    Members were provided with an update on the Payment Receivables Management (PRM) program of work. PRM will replace the existing separate analytical models that operate on the current ATO systems following the ASFP changes.

    The ATO provided an update on tax agent focus groups conducted in the community during July and August 2019. The purpose of the consultation was to obtain tax professional input and advice to assist in:

    • assessing the ASFP change impact on tax practices
    • understanding how best to support tax practices and practitioner staff with the ASFP changes
    • determining best communication channels with tax practices and keep them informed on ASFP systems impacts.
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