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  • Director Identification Number Reference Group key messages September 2018

    Initial meeting of the DIN reference group covering the group's role and purpose going forward.

    • Very strong support for the introduction and implementation of DIN.
    • Minimum ‘100 points’ of identity verification should be required to receive a DIN.
    • Moderate to strong support for a higher level of identity verification.
    • Important to look at use of new and emerging digital identity technologies (only when there is an acceptable level of confidence and assurance around identity biometrics).
    • Application process should be simple, completed in real-time and integrated with natural touchpoints. Additionally, a non-digital alternative should also be available.
    • Strong support for a communication and education campaign for directors and the community being incorporated in the project.

    Action item update

    Action item


    Due date



    Scott McWhirter, DIN Team

    Details of the action item: There will be a number of co-design sessions organised and members will be sent invitations as they are scheduled (expected dates are October 2018 and March 2019)


    Attendees list




    Belinda Robertson

    Scott McWhirter

    Australian Institute of Company Directors

    Kerry Hicks

    Chartered Accountants of Australia and NZ

    Susan Franks

    Karen McWilliams

    Governance Institute of Australia

    Michelle Huckel

    Law Council of Australia

    Coralie Kenny

    University of Melbourne

    Helen Anderson

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