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  • Tax Time 2019 Shareable Content Working Group key messages 4 June 2020

    The Tax Time 2019 Shareable Content Working Group met on 4 June 2020 to review and provide feedback on new and revised occupational posters and web content. The group also revised a previously reviewed fact sheet.

    The products reviewed were:

    • Revised - Working from home – updated website content to explain the three different methods for this tax time.
    • Tax time 2020 welcome pack poster and website content.

    Recruitment consultant

    The group provided feedback and suggested that:

    • links be put in place to relevant information located elsewhere on the website
    • clothing and laundry section should mention whether the uniform is compulsory or not
    • home office section doesn’t mention office furniture
    • self-education information is too broad, and examples should be provided
    • this product should be consistent with other occupation posters.

    Rental property - damaged and destroyed property

    The group provided feedback and suggested that:

    • information on choosing to claim capital gain should be re-worded
    • examples should be provided on all points to clarify information.

    Revision - security guard

    The group provided feedback and advised that this product was more occupation specific than it was before, however other feedback provided was:

    • meal allowance and self-education wording sections need to be reworded.

    Revision - working from home web content

    The group provided feedback and advised that the flow of the document and examples provided were great. Other feedback provided was:

    • once printed, the web content does not display correctly
    • accountants might like to see this information in a spreadsheet, and tradies might like to see a visual flow chart.

    Tax Time 2020 welcome pack

    Due to time constraints, a separate meeting on 10 June was planned to discuss Tax Time 2020 content.

    Final summary

    This group will meet again on 10 June 2020 to take a closer look at the Tax Time content. Papers for review will be sent a week prior to the meeting date.

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