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  • Lodgment Program Review Working Group key messages 11 November 2021


    The inaugural meeting of the Lodgment Program Review Working Group was opened with welcome and introductions, background, and the intent of initiating the review.

    Topics discussed

    Intent and scope of the review

    The intent and scope of the review and a timeframe for the review.

    Four key lodgment program intent themes

    The four key Lodgment Program intent themes:

    • ensuring taxpayers can access professional services when they need it
    • workload management
    • certainty around due dates
    • fiscal and economic certainty.

    Based on the discussion around these we will draft an intent statement for review at the next meeting.

    Fairness, equity, and factors to consider when devising a successful lodgment program

    The discussion highlighted some good insights into multiple factors, starting with a balance across the four intent themes as well as ranging from Government, community to individual circumstances.

    Lodgment program due dates 2021–22 timeline

    The Lodgment Program Due Dates 2021–22 timeline was discussed and there was collective reflection on the busy schedule and call outs to due dates where agents experience heavy workloads. A visual representation of the timeline was provided. Other thoughts:

    • It is important to note that the dates do not apply equally to all agents, some agents will have no clients for some obligations.
    • Showing the pictorial helps show why deferring a date often does not help, it can just move everything forward and create a downstream bubble.
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