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  • Lodgment Program Review Working Group key messages 5 April 2022


    Co-chairs Kath Anderson and Debra Anderson welcomed members and introduced Katrina Donelan, who has taken over as the project lead for the lodgment program review.

    Meeting summary

    A synthesis of issues raised through the lodgment program review to date was presented to the group to ensure completeness. Issues have been categorised into four themes:

    • lodgment and payment pressure points
    • exceptions, deferrals
    • access to the program, performance and management
    • environment.

    The approach moving forward was discussed. It was recognised that a more targeted approach is needed to confirm and clarify existing issues, assess options and develop tangible recommendations for potential improvements/solutions, including short–medium term and transformational.

    Three smaller focus groups have been established with members nominating for groups, noting all members will have the opportunity to provide feedback across themes:

    • Focus group 1 – Lodgment and payment pressure points
    • Focus group 2 – Exceptions, deferrals
    • Focus group 3 – Access to the program, performance and management.

    Focus groups will brief the Lodgment Program Review Working Group to ensure we maintain a strategic approach and connect, and consider broader implication direct across the focus group.

    Issues, outputs and outcomes for each focus group were discussed and confirmed.

    The lodgment program review team is meeting with focus group leads 21 April to determine next steps.

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