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  • APRA Funds Operational Performance Report Design Working Group key messages 17 March 2021


    The Chair welcomed members to the APRA Funds Operational Performance Report Design Working Group.

    Meeting objectives

    The co-design working group met on 17 March 2021 to review and provide feedback on the communications strategy and delivery timeline for the Operational Performance Report (OPR) and to discuss options for an alternative name for the new product.

    Key discussion

    The group discussed the communication strategy and delivery timeline and agreed on the narrative supporting the report and planned approach for the rollout.

    The OPR will be developed and assessed in various phases (noting there is room for flexibility with the dates).

    • A report for the quarter ending March 2021, will be developed in April 2021. This will be tested and reviewed with internal ATO stakeholders.
    • A report for the quarter ending June 2021, will be developed in July 2021 and shared with the co-design group for review and feedback. This will be accompanied with a User Guide.
    • Communications will begin in August 2021 to start familiarising industry with the product.
    • Once testing and consultation has been completed, the first ‘go live’ report, for the quarter ending October 2021 will be issued to industry in November 2021.

    The group also discussed and agreed on three alternative names for the Operational Performance report, for final decision by the ATO.

    Next steps

    The next meeting will be scheduled for June 2021 to update the group on the development and testing of March quarter report.

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