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  • ATO Online Superannuation Screens Communications Working Group key messages 2 March 2021

    Opening address

    The chairperson welcomed members to the ATO Online Superannuation Communications Working Group to discuss the first ATO Online system release for 2021, scheduled for 12–13 March 2021.

    Update on ATO Online items since December 2020 deployment

    An update on events in the ATO Online space since the December 2020 meeting was provided. Topics included:

    • COVID-19 early release of super decommissioned
    • bug identified with December 2020 deployment.

    Upcoming March deployment

    A walkthrough of the following superannuation-related ATO Online screens changes for the 12–13 March 2021 system release was provided.

    Transfer super screen upgrade and change to functionality

    As a result of the Rollover v3 changes, the Transfer Super screen in ATO Online required modification as follows:

    • In addition to the current functionality to transfer super between APRA funds, individuals will now be able to transfer into and out of SMSFs.
    • Individuals who are SMSF trustees will also be able to add or update the SMSF Financial Institution Account and Electronic Service Address details that are sent in the Electronic Portability Form message.

    This change also provided an opportunity to improve the usability of the screen to reflect current standards, improving screen flow and the visibility of messaging, and to update the layout to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

    First Home Super Saver (FHSS) scheme alert

    Individuals can apply for a release of their super under the FHSS scheme on ATO Online. When the individual commences a FHSS scheme determination request, and again when they select the ‘Request Release’ button, a new generic message will appear.

    This message advises individuals to ensure their FHSS determination request contains accurate information. It alerts them that we will verify the accuracy of the information they provide to us, and that processing delays may occur as a result, including when we need to contact them to request additional information.

    Delivery of final fund identifier from December 2020 change

    The expanded list of account identifying information on the Fund details screen was deployed in December. There was an error resulting in the account’s product name displaying in the ‘Fund name’ field as well as at the top of the screen.

    This is being corrected so that the ABN-level fund name is displayed, and the individual will have access to both names as per the intent of the December change.

    Other business

    The group discussed the pre-deployment support material which included screenshots, help aside and scripting content. Members were encouraged to provide feedback on all supporting documentation.

    Future focus

    A brief overview of the document – Super ATO Online future enhancements to the client experience – was provided. Topics covered:

    • the fund details screen – issues with displaying an individual’s address on this screen. The group was advised the ATO intends to remove it.
    • the re-launch of the ATO app during tax time 2021 – it will now include visibility of an individual’s superannuation information and provide a seamless entry point into ATO Online.
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