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  • ATO Online Superannuation Screens Communications Working Group key messages 20 November 2020

    Opening Address

    The chairperson welcomed members to the ATO Online Superannuation Communications Working Group to discuss the ATO Online System Release scheduled for 5–6 December 2020.

    December deployment update including ATO Online screen walkthrough

    A walkthrough of the ATO Online screens changes for the 5–6 December 2020 system release was provided. The changes include:

    • Updating the display of Defined Benefit Contributions (DBC) and Notional Taxed Contributions (NTC) on the Employer Contributions screen ensuring the correct yearly employer contributions totals by displaying DBC and NTC amounts separately on screen.
    • Displaying SMSF reported employer contributions on the Employer contributions screen. Individuals who are members of SMSFs and whose employers make contributions to their SMSFs, and their authorised representatives, will now be able to view those contributions on the Employer contributions screen of ATO Online.
    • Displaying super fund and product names and identifiers on the Fund Details screen. This change is to provide complete account identifying information for APRA fund accounts displayed on ATO Online for individuals.
    • Capturing the property address on First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSSS) notification form. Individuals that have made a valid FHSSS release request will now be required to complete a ‘property address’ field as part of the FHSSS notification form.
    • Cashing restriction validation on Compassionate Release of Super (CRS) form. When completing the CRS application to prevent the foreclosure of a property, if the value of both ‘mortgage arrears’ and ‘amount to release’ are higher than the applicants cashing restriction, a validation error will appear, and the applicant will be unable to proceed with the application.

    Key readiness items

    The working group discussed updates to frequently asked questions, support centre scripting and the communications narrative.

    Members of the working group were also provided with a high-level overview covering the outward facing changes to the COVID Early Release of Super screens including wording about Christmas shutdown processing times, application instructions and the scheduled decommissioning of the screens.

    Other Business

    Members were also reminded and encouraged to respond to the APRA Fund Client Experience Survey which has been distributed via the ATO’s Fund Services and Engagement team.

    The next Communications Working Group will be held prior to the March System release in 2021.

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