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  • ATO Online Superannuation Screens Communications Working Group key messages 27 May 2020


    The new chair and co-chair introduced themselves and welcomed the ATO Online Superannuation Communications Working Group.

    June deployment update including ATO Online screen walkthrough

    A walkthrough of the ATO Online screens changes for the 20-21 June 2020 system release was provided. The changes include:

    • updates to the Concessional contributions screen to notify individuals if they are within or have exceeded the concessional contributions cap, display any unused contributions that have been applied from a previous year (or years) and dynamically display additional key messages tailored to the client’s individual situation
    • a new screen to provide individuals with visibility of Carry Forward Concessional Contributions. This screen also displays the individual’s unused concessional cap, amount of unused concessional contributions cap that is available to carry forward and the data that is used to derive the excess contributions determinations.
    • correcting an account identification issue causing impacts for some individuals on the fund details and fund transactions screens
    • updating the ‘your fund website’ link on the fund details screen to direct users to the specific website related to their super account
    • a new filtering functionality on the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House employee screen to allow users to view ‘active, ‘inactive’ or ‘all employees’.

    Key readiness items

    • The working group discussed the updated frequently asked questions and support centre scripting and were requested to provide feedback where existing or new content could be improved.
    • Industry members of the group provided details on how these communication products are being used by the funds to better support their clients.
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