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  • Tax Time 2019 Shareable Content Working Group key messages February 2020

    The Tax Time 2019 Shareable Content Working Group met on 13 February 2020 to review and provide feedback on agent correspondence and a product for the Tax Time toolkits on the ATO website. The products reviewed were:

    Rental properties, damaged and destroyed property poster

    The group was specifically asked to look at the CGT elements, the guiding questions were:

    • is there enough information about CGT or is it too high level
    • can you find where you need to go for more CGT information
    • are there any other CGT issues that we should include?

    Action item update

    Action item details listed below.

    Action item

    Review rental properties fact sheet

    Due date

    On completion



    Action item details

    Further review incorporating above feedback and obtaining relevant stakeholder approvals

    Taxable Payments Annual Reports agent correspondence:

    The group was asked to review and consider if there were any ambiguities in the wording in the client lists we send to agents, and the correspondence that goes directly to clients. The group provided feedback and agreed on required changes.

    Final summary

    This group will continue to meet again on 11 March 2020. Papers for review will be sent a week prior to the meeting date.

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