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  • 31 May 2018

    The Professional Services Reference Group (PSRG) met on 31 May 2018.

    The group received an update on the 4 projects to date, with an opportunity to comment and ask questions from project members. Key actions the teams are working on include:

    • the debt process infographic is progressing and close to finalisation and publishing
    • the group agreed on the key debt messages
    • a review of debt correspondence underway
    • we are working towards ensuring consistency of processes and treatment across debt including staff awareness and training activities planned
    • there are a series of tax professional information and suite of tools and products planned for development.

    The group reviewed and added to key debt messages and the debt infographic.

    The group also had an opportunity to provide input into the 2024 vision and goals for the Intermediary experience.

    Opportunities to provide feedback

    • Members were invited to share examples where they or their clients have received correspondence sent to an address which is not seen on the portal.
    • Co-brand Letter Design for External Collection Agency (ECA) letters - new design standards for ECA letters.

    The next showcase to the Expert Panel with the PSRG and Professional Association representatives in on the 9 July.

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